Thread Roll Manufacturers & Precision Engineers since 1968

Over 45 years experience as precision engineers, specialist grinders, all types of cylindrical profile rolling dies and specialist taps.


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To produce circular thread rolling dies to suit most, and can be supplied for both helical, plunge and annular thru rolling.


Only high-quality cold work steel is used in our processes. Furthermore, specially developed special purpose steel alloys surpass even the most stringent of requirements in terms of surface quality, structural integrity and service life.

  Manufacturing quality

Special hardening and grinding processes as well as our continuous precision machining have enabled us to significantly reduce wear behaviour, thus lowering your tooling costs. Our continuous development means continuous quality improvements and reliability of our products.

  Special radius run out

Our special precision ground radius run outs were developed for Rolls Royce over 30 years ago. Reduces edge pressure of the die allowing the dies to create a full thread, up to the shoulder minus 0.5 of the pitch.

  Final inspection

Inspection of each die with regard to hardness, concentricity, bore diameter, profile accuracy documented. On site testing and development of our products is offered to our customers.


Fastest possible delivery of all established taps, thread rolling dies and profile dies for virtually all rolling systems. We distinguish ourselves by means of our flexibility, ensuring our customers the shortest possible lead times and thus reducing downtime, and by means of our outstanding price-performance ratio.


We carry out regrinding work both on our own taps and dies and those of other manufacturers, and, in doing so, we guarantee dimensional accuracy, through our final inspection process.

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GM2012 Ltd. is an entrepreneurial business, with a "Vision", always looking to the future and are founded on three fundamental principles, Price, Quality and Service. We operate in a climate of trust, honesty and openness. We respect our customers with the decency they deserve to create a community of knowledge, trust and understanding.

The cornerstone of our business is operational safety and customer satisfaction. We strive to establish a good relationship with all our customers by working together closely and developing our services according to their needs.

GM2012 Ltd. is based in Nottinghamshire and was formed with the acquisition of Grayson Millward Ltd. Grayson Millward Ltd. have been thread rolling and tap manufacturers since 1968 with over 44 years\' experience, in the manufacturing of cylindrical thread rolling dies and all profiled dies. We also manufacture taps from ISO standard forms to non-standard taps such as Acme/Trapezoid and even customers own profiles.

One partner for all your manufacturing needs.

GM2012 Ltd. carries a large assortment of rolls for standard threads enabling less machine down time for our customers.


Our entire team is committed to ongoing improvements to our processes and procedures.

We also encourage all our team members to make improvements to their existing skills, which in turn enable them to become multi skilled.

With our wealth of knowledge on tap and die manufacturing we can offer free assessment of the product you wish to manufacture.